We believe:


  • That our Lord and Saviour is Jesus Christ the Son of God, very God Himself become real man;


  • In the divine and full inspiration and authority of the Bible as the necessary and sufficient rule of faith and conduct and that each church has liberty, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to search, interpret and administer His word; 


  • In one eternal God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, coequal and coeternal;


  • In the fall and sinful nature of mankind;


  • In the atoning sacrifice in our place of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, His resurrection, ascension and personal return in glory;


  • That all mankind is subject to God’s wrath but by the grace of God alone, can be made right with Him through a personal faith in our Lord Jesus, the only Saviour, a faith which is active in love and holy living;


  • In the renewing, sanctifying and enabling work of the Holy Spirit in believers;


  • In the resurrection of the dead, bringing eternal blessing to all who have received Christ and eternal condemnation to all who reject Him;


  • In the priesthood of all believers, who form the Universal Church, of which body Christ is the head and which is committed, through His command, to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world.