Who are we?  

We are a small, caring, welcoming church with a morning congregation of around 30 people of different ages and different backgrounds. Some of us live in the village, while others come from the surrounding area.

There has been a Baptist church in Gamlingay since 1670, so we've been here and part of this community for a long time.

Adrian Semerene became the minister at GBC in October 2016, coming to us from Comberton Baptist Church. Though originally from Cambridge, has only lived in the UK since 2008, and has lived in a variety of places such as Ecuador, Venezuela, and the US. Adrian is married to Amanda, and they have two lovely little girls. Adrian completed his studies at London School of Theology in June, 2017. A fan of coffee, and all things coffee shop, why not get in touch with Adrian, and have chat.

Who are Baptists?


Baptist Churches are found in almost every country of the world. As part of the world-wide Christian Church, Baptists form one of the largest families of faith, alongside other mainstream Trinitarian* Christian Traditions such as Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed, Pentecostal churches etc. (*Trinitarians are those who take the view that there is one God who is three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

The Baptist way of being the church is living together in community - in a family if you like. 
In Baptist churches everybody is equal, for everybody has a part to play in the service of God. 
There is no hierarchy of bishops or priests exercising authority over their members. 
Equality of status, however, does not mean that all have the same role. 
Each and every Christian has been given different gifts and abilities by God - we all bring something different and together we make up the whole.  


Each local Baptist church is autonomous and self-governing and appoints its own leaders - or Minister - to have particular responsibility for preaching, teaching and pastoral care. Working alongside the minister are also deacons, who together with the pastor form the leadership team of the local Baptist church. 

Whilst Baptist churches are autonomous, they are not independent. Baptist churches are inter-dependent, we work together. Just as each church operates like a family, so most Baptist churches in the UK are part of a wider family - the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB).